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CGI Fund Capital CAD Corp

CGI Fund Capital CAD Corp (the”Fund”) makes direct investments into Class ‘A’ Commercial Real Estate in the Sunbelt of the U.S., alongside the U.S. counterpart, CGI Fund I, LP.

Fund Overview:

  • The Manager is raising $20M USD of capital for its 1st Real Estate Fund in Canada
  • The Fund currently has AUM of $205M USD, over 1M of gross square feet, and 10 commercial real estate assets
  • Its business model is to invest in value-added US commercial real estate assets with a shallow J-curve which have historically delivered attractive and consistent contractual rental income to investors
  • The Fund has a conservative blended loan-to-value average on its assets and in-place sound cash flows from contractual leases
  • The Fund invests in a narrow geographical region within the Southeast US, across office and mixed-use properties to take advantage of the Manager’s vertically integrated asset management platform
  • The Fund is a non-traded vehicle; therefore, the value of the LP units is more closely tied to real estate fundamentals as opposed to public equities
  • Public pensions and large retail institutions typically dominate investment in real estate funds.
  • Target IRR of 12-15%
  • Offerings include Bond and Equity Funds.  See term sheets for more information
Term Sheet – CGI Fund Equity CAD LP. (Equity Fund)
Term Sheet – CGI Fund Capital CAD Corp. (Bond Fund)
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